Acrylic on canvas horse portrait

acrylic on canvas horse portrait

Acrylic on canvas horse portrait.

In the tags you will see selected key features related to this post to find the key features of the art, these are self-explanatory but if you are unsure of anything related to the tags please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to explain anything you need to know to create your perfect portrait.

Thank you for visiting my site and as you have ended up on this page, I see you have expressed an interest in my acrylic on canvas horse portrait, I’ve painted on canvas for as long as I can remember even doodling when I was a child.

As you can tell I have now moved on from doodling, to help the thousands of horse owners meet their dream of owning their very own acrylic on canvas horse portrait.

I would love to help you make yours too, you can contact me today and discuss with me anything you would like to know in the ins and outs of how to commission your horse portrait.

A little bit about the canvas surface.

Conventionally, canvases are tightly stretched on to a frame, which creates a spring in the fabric when pressure is applied, i.e. when a paint brush applies paint to it.

It is generally considered that the more tightly stretched a canvas, the more enjoyable it is to paint on, as the tension in the surface has an element of vibrancy.

The tightness of a canvas must be the same across the frame so that the grain of the fabric is square to the edges, with no skewing.  Ready-made or pre stretched canvases most commonly have a universally primed canvas stretched on to a wooden frame with bevelled edges (so that the edge of the frame does not leave an imprint when the canvas is painted on).

This means that the canvas is coated with a white acrylic primer, which sufficiently coats the fabric for both oil and acrylic painting.

Commission your canvas horse portrait today, you can contact me via email or go straight to the order form.


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