Photo to portrait

From photo to portrait

[x_text class=”left-text “]From photo to portrait – my drawings commissions

The better the photograph you provide the better the portrait .

For the best portrait result, I need a clear, crisp, photograph to create your portrait.
The more detail I can see within the photograph, the more detail I can include within your pencil or painting portrait.
The better photographs need to be-able to capture the character of the subject, so that I can do the same.

Portrait size is completely Flexible.
A4, A3, or A2 if there is more than one subject.
Separate photographs can be used to combine more than one subject into a single portrait.

Contact me to discuss your commission.

Hope you enjoy my slide show of a photo to portrait.[/x_text]

  • This is the first stage of photo to portrait, once the outline has been mapped out I will then move on to add colour, starting with the darkest areas first, usually black.

  • Then carrying on with the dark areas.

  • Then going on to the lighter tones, still from darkest to lightest

  • Starting to do the eyes.

  • Getting down to the lighter colours

  • With this particular portrait once all colours have been added, I will go over the whole thing with white pencil then, all parts of it.

  • Once all the area is covered with the white pigment, i will then start to go over it all again from dark to light colours.

  • Once all the tones are done, I will then move on to the finer details of the drawing.

  • This is the portrait totally finished, showing all details, sometimes finished off with acrylic highlights.

  • Here is the photo that was used for the portrait.

  • Here is the finished photo to portrait zoomed in.

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