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Copyright: All images on this web site are copyrighted to Mr Robert Shirt unless agreed otherwise, if you use images obtained from this web site to create logo’s, promotional material or for use on your own web site, you could be guilty of copyright infringement .
If there’s an image you want to republish, you MUST get express permission from me before you can legally use it.
Copyright infringement is serious. If you’re caught, at the very least you will be forced to remove the infringing images from publication.
If legal action is taken, you could be subject to a civil lawsuit in the copyright owner’s jurisdiction and actual and statutory damages could be faced.
I retain the copyright on all artwork I create. I also keep the right for displaying any work I create (along with the appropriate photographs) on my web sites or elsewhere. If you strongly object to this you must make me aware so I can respect your wishes.

Drawing of portrait
In the extremely unlikely event that you don’t think the portrait is a true representative of the supplied photograph, I will be happy to re-visit the portrait free of charge, after the revision has been done and you still don’t think it’s right then you are no longer obliged to carry on with the contract and it will be left at that

Once you have submitted your order and the work has commenced, upon completion and your final approval you are obliged to complete full and final payment in a timely manner* failure to pay once approval has been written or communicated via email or text will be addressed after a suitable period of time of non-payment from the date of completion, if you have an earliest date portrait can be paid for please put this on the form when filling in.

Prior to full payment the client may make alterations to the drawing. This work will be done free of charge however if the client wishes to have extra items/subjects or make major alterations which are difference to the original contract there will be an extra costs applied, this will be fully agreed by myself and the client before full and final work commences.

Once you receive the portrait, if there are any issues with the portrait and it’s not a true representation of the photo I provided you to approve then you must provide me with an explanation of what is different between the image received and the image sent via email, this must be done within 24hrs, within this time period I will address the problem

Loss or damage.
In the unlikely event your portrait is lost or damaged (UK only, insurance will be offered by courier overseas but will be for loss only not damage) then I would redo the portrait for you within 4 weeks, if not a bust period, I would fit this in for you ASAP, no refunds given.

Although I appreciate personal circumstances do change I am running a business and would appreciate if you contacted me if you have any problems with payment so we can work together to provide a solution. Exceptions on payment timescale’s can be made between me and the client to coincide with holidays etc.

All commissions must be paid for in full before they are dispatched. Methods of payment accepted are cheque, bankers draft, direct bank transfer or Pay Pal. To discuss other payment options please contact me.

Although I work to a no deposit rule on certain high specification portraits where I may need to purchase bespoke materials such as made to order frames etc. I may ask for a small deposit. This deposit is non-refundable.

Visitors to my web site can be assured that the protection of privacy and confidentiality are given the highest priority and that all personal information collected is held and used in strict compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
I do not pass any personal information on to any third party without your consent.

It’s important that you care for the portrait to try and avoid warping and fading, it is advisable that you keep your drawing/painting out of direct sunlight/heat, damp and humid areas as this could affect the paper and surface over the years, it’s more likely that in these high risk areas the paper will fade or colour first, keeping your portrait out of these areas will help to keep the drawing nice, although with my advice on this, it’s yet to be an issue with any of my customers but the care of the product is down to you once received,

Framing service
framing of the portrait, as frames are ordered from another source, I cannot be sure of the quality of the moulding, or glazing, hanging brackets, mount or backing board, on the frames, I will not be held responsible for any problems that come with these, however no problems have been reported at present

All efforts have been made to make sure all information is correct and up to date on this site or any other sites which I may advertise on, however it is the sole responsibility of the customer if you have any queries to do with your portrait and your rights, to ask for information in any part of this web site, some parts may have changed.

Changes to the Terms & Conditions – I reserve the right to change the Terms & Conditions and post a new version onto my web site. The new version will take effect from the time of posting on the site.

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